BPM Consultant

Location : Mumbai & Trivandrum

Posted On:30-04-2020

Experience : 3 to 6 yrs  

Last date : 20-05-2020

Skills :Mandatory requirements is to have experience in flow charting tools either Visio, Lucid chart, Draw.io or and business process modelling tool

Job Description

Exp: 03 to 06 Years
Location: Trivandrum ,Technopark/ Mumbai-Khandivili

The job is to visualize, document process diagrams for various business processes in any organization.

The person should be able to understand cross functional business processes, workflows (involving decision, stakeholders, and actionable items) and interactions between computer software and manual system.
Person should have good communication, interviewing skills to understand as-IS process and also visualize To-Be process for further improvement.
Job involves, documenting and creating visual process flow diagrams of our existing products. (Various levels - roadmap-Swim lanes-activity diagram, data flow diagram etc)

Participation in presales demo to explain the process covered by our various products to prospective customers

Understand their requirements and document the same. Identify areas or gaps not covered in our standard product. Document the same in process flow diagram to validate from customers and later on explain developers for development.